Beast Mode Outdoor Workout !

My brother is in town for a couple of days so we decided to get into an outdoor workout! I don’t usually work out outside because it’s just so hot in the summer time. Today however we decided to go for it and test the waters! It was extremely hot, but we managed to make it!  By the way, I’m so happy to announce that I have finally graduated college ! Woot Woot! I finally have my bachelor of science in Exercise Science degree. It was a long time coming and I finally made it! To think that I started this blog at the beginning of my college career and here I am now, graduated. I am so excited for the next chapter of my life! Please like, comment, and subscribe!

Outdoor Workout

  • Zoned Sprints (Front – Back)
  • High Knees (Front – Back)
  • Butt Kicks (Front – Back)
  • Lunges (Front)
  • Side Lunges (Back)
  • Modified Burpees ( 5 reps)
  • Scissor Kicks (8 kicks)
  • Basic Squats ( 8 squats)
  • Squat Kicks ( 8 kicks)
  •  Squat Jump Reverse ( 8 Jumps)
  • Zig Zag Sprints ( Front – Back)
  • Leap Frog Jumps ( 8 Jumps)



Body Wrap : Before & After!

SO! I’m not much of a fitness follower, and I don’t succumb easily to fitness trends. However I have seen time and time again, this body wrap! I’ve seen people advertising it on cars, making youtube videos, blogging, and just generally raving about it. So I decided to do a DIY body wrap to test if it works! Please like, comment, and subscribe! & don’t forget to share!



Thumbnail Day 2

Atlanta Vlog – Day 1

FINALLY! I mean FINALLY! A summer trip! I’ve been work work work this entire summer so, I’m excited to be able to get out of town for a few days, see some new things, meet some new people, and try some new FOOD! I’m sorry that this vlog is SO very late, as I did not have WIFI for several days.😦 I hope you enjoy the vlog and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!


Get A Bikini Body In 4 Minutes !

If you feel like summer has crept up on you and you’re not ready (i.e. this girl) then try this workout for starters! This workout shows you some basic major muscle group moves that you can do to tone your entire body! Like, comment and subscribe!🙂



Lose Your Waist Trainer!

SO, we all know about the celebrities who credit ALL of their weight loss to a simple device we call, ‘waist trainers.’ There isn’t enough scientific evidence to support that waist trainers are effective or even help slim your waist! I made a quick workout that you can do to get ACTUAL results! Here is a run down of everything I did in this video!


  • Double Leg Lowering
    • 3 sets of 8
  • Standard Oblique Crunches
    • 3 sets of 8
  • Flutter Kicks
    • 3 sets of count to 8
  • 90* Crunches
    • 3 sets of 8
  • 180* Crunches
    • 3 sets of 8
  • Kneeling Good Morning
    • 3 sets of 8





Beginner ABS Workout

Back at it again with the workout vids! I know that my workout vids have been gone for a while. That’s because I have been busy GRADUATING COLLEGE! Whoop Whoop! I think that I am going to start transcribing my workouts here so that you can get the exact run down of exactly what I do during these workouts! Let me know what you all think and make sure to subscribe and like, and leave some comments!!!


  • Oblique Crunches
    • 3 sets of 8
  • Side Touches
    • 3 sets of 8
  • 90* Degree Crunches
    • 3 sets of 8
  • Modified Russian Twists
    • 3 sets of 8
  • Plank
    • 3 sets of count to 8