Private Volleyball Coaching!


My name is KoKo and I am a private volleyball coach for my company ‘Koko Volley.’ We recently started our private sessions and would love to be able to work with you or your child. Sessions range from individualized, group and even online! Sessions will include privatized instruction, drills, lesson plans, and strength and team building. We can even travel to a location that you prefer. Please go to my coach up link to book sessions and for pricing information! I look forward to working with you! We are also on instagram at : @koko.volley




Get Ready With Me : Work Edition !

So i’m heading to work and would love if you all would get ready with me! I usually do neutral makeup when I go to work, but you guys know i’m a lipstick fanatic so I always do a bold lip! I hope you liked this get ready with me and subscribe for more fitness, happiness, lipstick and health! ♡




Day 1 — Glo Up 2k17

So I went over my calories. **sigh** And I thought that I did so good today. But lo and behold, that -250 was staring me in my face. It must have been that Lenny and Larry’s cookie that I ate. They are so good and filled with protein, yet they are so high in calorie. I thought that by eating more protein filled foods, I would survive volleyball. And I did! Even though my shoulder is messed up, and my knees basically don’t have any cartilage left, I managed to play volleyball for more or less 4 hours last night. Insane, I know. But, if you know anything about me, it’s that volleyball is my life. I’ve been playing volleyball for about 8 years now and I have to say that it has truly grown on me. I was once the girl who didn’t know how to do anything volleyball wise, now to a shining volleyball star. I play quite often and that’s where I get majority of my cardio. I’m no enemy of the elliptical, but something seems so much more appealing when  you can have fun while raising your heart rate. So for day one, I did great on the exercise piece, but FAIL on the diet portion. Why is getting your diet together so dang difficult? Well, here’s to tomorrow. **clinks champagne glass**

Tell me, do you have trouble with your diet? Leave me a comment below. Peace & love. ♡



Does Fitness Blender Work?

Does Fitness Blender really work? I’ve had a lot of questions about fitness blender and if it really works! Fitness blender is a Youtube channel that provides exercises for the working individual. It is a great resource if you’re looking to workout, get in shape, lose weight, and/or learn about fitness. This is my take on fitness blender and if you should use it or not! Please like, comment, subscribe and share! ♡


Getting My Life Together — 2k17

So I realize that fitness has fallen to the back burner in my life. Not by choice of course, but because everything in life just comes up and swamps you.Especially when you least expect it. That’s usually how it goes. You get busy, you lose track of time, and then your goals go down the drain. **sigh** I have that whole process down to a T.

I’ve always been a fit-savvy kind of girl, who loves to workout and show other people how to workout. However in my most recent years, stress has seriously driven a rift between me and my fitness. I’m no longer as fit as I used to be, and I don’t care about fitness related things as much. Which is shocking because I was once so passionate about it. I’m more into the lifestyle happiness, the finding yourself kind of fitness. Not so much the bodybuilding-protein drinking – BCAA taking kind of fitness that you see all over YouTube. No, I’m into becoming my best self and living life to the fullest.

Now that process is going to be an all rounding one. Step One –  Get back into shape. Yes, I am out of shape. I have let myself go as people would say. The years have not been gracious to me in any way shape or form, especially college! Eating out late, late night snacking, eating like crap, not eating home cooked meals, all of these bad habits have seemed to haunt me to no end. My goal is to hold myself accountable finally and blog every single stinking day to keep up this time. We tell ourself, ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ or ‘I’ll start at the beginning of the month,’ but no! This time I am super serious!

Here are some of my goals for my ultimate glow up :

  1. Get my skin together
  2. Lose 60 pounds
  3. Get my makeup game together
  4. Get more certifications
  5. Change my clothing style

So this is a large task! But I am determined to get all of this together by the time I turn 24. Oh god, i’m getting old. I plan to do more daily vlogs and update the blog more often. When I started this blog, I wanted to spread knowledge and help others in my community. I need to keep up with that and do it! Today starts the first day of the rest of my life. Tell me, what are some of you glo up goals? What are you going to do in 2017 that’s going to lead to your best self? Leave me a comment below! Peace & love. ♡